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Sculpfun iCube Laser Engraver

Sculpfun iCube Laser Engraver

In the world of DIY crafting, the Sculpfun iCube is a game-changer, offering innovation and affordability to laser engraving enthusiasts. This small, portable laser engraver is budget-friendly and packed with features, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced creators.

Compact and Portable Design

The Sculpfun iCube laser engraver has a compact design that makes it easy to carry and set up wherever you go. Its portability allows you to personalize and customize items on the go, whether at home, in a workshop, or at a craft fair.

Adequate Working Area

Despite its small size, the Sculpfun iCube offers a working area of 130mm square. This space is enough for most engraving needs, from personalized gifts to intricate designs on various materials. The working area covers 95% of engraving tasks and is still small enough to be easily portable.

The Sculpfun iCube also features limit switches on both axes for auto calibration and consistent positioning accuracy.

Safety and Versatility in Design

The semi-enclosed design of the Sculpfun iCube balances safety and versatility. The enclosed structure provides protection, making it suitable for use in busy areas. You can also remove the protective light shield to engrave larger objects. The removable light shield allows easy access to the working area and helps contain smoke, directing it to the internal filtration system.

Built-In Safety Features

Safety is important, and the Sculpfun iCube takes it seriously. It has a built-in smoke filter to eliminate smoke and odors during operation. A built-in temperature sensor triggers an alarm if there is a potential fire hazard.

Affordability Without Compromise

The Sculpfun iCube is very affordable without compromising functionality. This makes it an excellent choice for hobbyists and small businesses looking to explore laser engraving without spending a lot.

Connectivity Options for Seamless Operation

The Sculpfun iCube supports USB, Bluetooth, and WiFi, allowing users to connect and control the engraver easily. This flexibility ensures a smooth workflow and easy collaboration with other devices.

User-Friendly Software Compatibility

Ease of use is a priority with the Sculpfun iCube. It works seamlessly with Lightburn software, a popular choice in the laser engraving community. Additionally, a dedicated smartphone app provides a user-friendly interface for controlling the engraver from your mobile device.

Cool Examples You Can Make with the Sculpfun iCube Laser Engraver

Engraving Signatures or Hand Drawings

Using the smartphone app, it is easy to engrave hand scribbles. Adjusting settings is simple, and the engraving is done in minutes.

Laser Cutting Plywood

With Lightburn software, setting up engraving or cutting intricate vector designs is easy. We cut a circle from 3mm thick Poplar plywood in less than 2 passes at 400mm/min, which is excellent for a 5W laser module. The cut was very clean with minimal charring.

Engraving Anodized Aluminum Tags

This machine excels at engraving coated metal tags and keychains. We engraved an anodized aluminum tag, and the result was perfect!

Materials the Sculpfun iCube Can Engrave

The Sculpfun iCube can engrave various materials that any diode laser can handle, including:

  • Paper
  • Plastics (some are dangerous to laser cut)
  • Acrylic
  • Cardboard
  • Stone
  • Stainless steel (with higher power modules)
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