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Gweike Cloud G1 10W laser cutter& engraver

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The Gweike G1 10W is a high-precision laser cutting and engraving machine designed for both hobbyists and professionals. With a powerful 10W laser module, it delivers exceptional performance for intricate engraving and precise cutting across a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, leather, paper, and more.

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#gweike cloud x Lightburn Compatibility


Be a speed understander, not a speed reader.

#gweike cloud x Accuracy

#gweike cloud x Accuracy

Simple & Industrial Structure

Simple & Industrial Structure

· Super light aluminum alloy frame with excellent thermoplasticity, anodizing effect and corrosion resistance.
· High positioning accuracy with 2GT timing belt.
· High-speed rail optical shaft slot wheel, fast running and easy maintenance.

#gweike cloud x Air Assist

Powerful air pump boosts deeper & faster cuts with clean surface & smooth edge.

#gweike cloud x Safety

Radiationproof Goggles

Radiationproof Goggles

Eyes protection & lightweight & comfortable wrap-around

Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Stop Button

One-touch stop to prevent any injury or damage when processing

#gweike cloud x Focucing & Risers

#gweike cloud x Rotation

#gweike cloud x Rotation

G1 versatile rotary attachment works perfectly with cylindrical objects.

What G1 Can Do

gweike cloud G1 unboxing

Gweike Software & User Manuals

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Product FAQ

1. What kinds of materials can G1 cut or engrave?

With 450nm blue laser and 10W output power, G1 can cut and engrave opaque acrylics, wood, leather, corrugated paper, plastic, metal business cards, cardboard, stone, stainless steel and more.

2. Can the laser lens be changed? Will the G1 have different lens available?

Yes, it will soon

3. Warranty of the G1

1 year

4. Can G1 connect to WIFI?

No, only USB

5. Does G1 have a protective shield?

It will come soon.

6. Do the safety goggles, honeycomb and rotary come included in the box of G1?

No, they require additional purchases.